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Welcome to the online website of International Blind Golf Association

How Blind Golf is Played and Managed

Who Can Play Blind Golf

How Blind Golf is Played

Benefits Of Participating Blind Golf

Rules of Blind Golf

What our participants, players and support staff, have had to say about IBGA

Common questions asked about our services

A list of the IBGA Member Countries

IBGA Member Country Australia

IBGA Member Country Austria

IBGA Member Country Canada

IBGA Member Country Costa Rica

IBGA Member Country Dominican Republic

IBGA Member Country England and Wales

IBGA Member Country Republic of Ireland

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IBGA Member Country India

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IBGA Member Country South Africa

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IBGA Member Country Spain

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IBGA Member Country United States

IBGA Associate Member Countries

Setting Up a New Blind Golf Association

Who we are and how we operate throughout the world

Latest News and links to Archived News Pages

Link to Archived Blind Golf News

IBGA Women In Golf

IBGA Juniors

Introducing the IBGA Honorary President: Dr Haruhisa Handa

Introducing the Current IBGA Directors

Blind Golf Austria; Chairman

Mario has served as a USBGA board member since 2019; Vice-Chairman

John Eakin Vice-Chairman Finance. John is from Blind Golf England

Alejandro is from Blind Golf Spain

Professor at Stellenbosch University, visually impaired since the age of 10

A Client Service Co-ordinator with Canada's National Institute for the Blind

In Perth Western Australia and member of the Nedlands Golf Club for 40 years

IBGA Past Directors

IBGA Golf Forms and Resources

IBGA Sponsorship; Corporate and Private

IBGA Media, Photos and Videos Gallery

IBGA Media Videos Gallery

IBGA Media Photos Gallery

Current IBGA Member Golfing Handicap; as updated

IBGA Sight Classification List - replaces Player Database; from Sept 18 2022

IBGA Member Golfing Handicap System and Sight Classification

Event Results and Archived Events Pages

IBGA Tournament Results from around the world

IBGA World Championship Tournament Results

Latest Events Listed for 2024

Latest Events Listed for 2023

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