IBGA Blind Golfer Competition Guidance

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IBGA Competition Guidance


Effective from: March 2021

For Competition Committees

Please visit R&A: https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/pages/committee-procedures

For Players and their Aides (guides/coaches)



1. In all IBGA-sponsored events the R&A Rules of Golf and Modified Rules for Players with Disabilities will be used.


(a) Players may not use any optical device such as binoculars or laser DMDs. Aides may use any such device.

Penalty for breach: Possible disqualification

(b) Players may not drive golf buggies.

Penalty for breach: Possible disqualification

(c) All B1 players must wear blockout glasses.

Penalty for breach: Possible disqualification

2. Only use recognised golf equipment, which includes grips.

3. Play the ball as it lies unless permitted otherwise by the Rules.

4. You are permitted to ground your club in a bunker preparatory to the stroke.

5. Mark your ball (e.g. by the use of a tee) prior to lifting to identify or drop.

6. If a ball is to be dropped, this must be done by the player (with assistance if needed) and not the aide.

7. The aide may not touch the club during the stroke.

8. On the green, the aide is not permitted to indicate the line of putt while the stroke is being played (e.g. by standing on the intended line of play). Do not touch or tap the hole, although rattling the flagstick before the stroke is played is permitted.

9. It is permissible to lie a club (or other equipment) on the ground to assist a player in finding the direction of play (but it may not be used for alignment). Any such object placed on the ground for this purpose must be lifted prior to the player commencing with taking his/her stance.

Note that this is not allowed on the putting green.

10. Players are allowed to make use of both a caddie and an aide. If a player has both then the aide may only touch clubs when helping align the player.

11. Count all shots and penalties on each hole, not forgetting to count air shots (missed balls).

12. After the round, ensure that you sign the scorecard and that it has your correct handicap on it.


1. Be familiar with the Rules of Golf, Modifications, Local Rules of the course and Competition Rules.

You may access apps for rules in five languages on the R&A website.

Link to Rules: https://shop.randa.org/digital-rules-applications

Link for Modification for the blind: https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/rules/players-with-disabilities

2. Arrive at the tee at least 5 minutes before your start time and exchange scorecards with your playing partner(s). You may be penalised or even disqualified if you are late.

3. Have a unique identifying mark on any golf ball you use in the round and show the golf ball with identification mark to your playing partner(s) and aides.

4. Be polite and keep up with the game in front and not just stay ahead of the game behind. Do not hesitate to let the game behind through if you have lost a ball or lost a hole on the match in front and those behind are waiting to play.

5. Agree and record the scores for each hole at the next tee. Do not discuss the score on the green and hold up the match behind. Check that the correct gross score for each hole is properly recorded on the scorecard.



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