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Members of I.B.G.A. are spread right around the world on all continents

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Member Countries International Blind Golf Association

Blind Golf around the World is fast becoming very popular for its' benefits with Member Countries growing in number along with participating players and supporters.

The International Blind Golf Association (IBGA) has been representing these unique players providing a unified organization of tournaments and support.

Blind Golf Argentina logoArgentina [ARG]

Blind Golf Argentina


Blind Golf Australia logoAustralia [AUS]

Blind Golf Australia (BGA) is a founding member of the International Blind Golf Association (IBGA).

Formerly known as Australian Blind Golf Australia (ABGA) it was formed in 1993 with four (4) State Association members Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Blind Golf Austria logoAustria [AUT]

Blind Golf Austria

Blind Golf Canada logoCanada [CAN]

Blind Golf Canada invite blind and visually impaired golfers wishing to play at a national and/or international level as well as those golfers who wish to join their provincial or regional blind golf organizations. If you want to play, we know the way.

Blind Golf Costa Rica logoCosta Rica [CRC]

Blind Golf Costa Rica

Blind Golf Dominican Republic logoDominican Republic [DOM]

Blind Golf Dominican Republic

Blind Golf England and Wales logoEngland and Wales [ENG]

Blind Golf England and Wales are a registered charity (No. 1064829) formed in 1989, open to men and women who are blind or visually impaired of all ages and abilities, whether a beginner or seasoned golfer.

Blind Golf Republic of Ireland logo[Republic of] Ireland [IRL]

Blind Golf Republic of Ireland are a voluntary organisation supporting blind and visually impaired people who wish to learn or continue playing golf in Ireland.

Blind Golf Hong Kong logoHong Kong [HKG]

Blind Golf Hong Kong

Blind Golf India logoIndia [IND]

Blind Golf India

Blind Golf Italy logoItaly [ITA]

Blind Golf Italy is an Association created to promote the golfing activity of blind Italian athletes - association created to promote golf for the blind in Italy and abroad

Blind Golf Japan logoJapan [JPN]

Blind Golf Japan

Blind Golf Northern Ireland logoNorthern Ireland [NIR]

Blind Golf Northern Ireland was formed in 1990 to support the blind and visually impaired, a very disadvantaged community in Northern Ireland, through participation in the game of golf.

Blind Golf Scotland logoScotland [SCO]

Blind Golf Scotland is recognised as a governing body by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews we offer access to local, national and international competitions.

Blind Golf Scotland are a member country of the International Blind Golf Association which oversees international golf competitions for blind golfers.

Blind Golf South Africa logoSouth Africa [RSA]

Blind Golf South Africa

Blind Golf South Korea logoSouth Korea [KOR]

Blind Golf South Korea

Blind Golf Spain logoSpain [ESP]

Blind Golf Spain

Blind Golf Sweden logoSweden [SWE]

Blind Golf Sweden

Blind Golf United States logoUnited States [USA]

The United States Blind Golf Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1953. The goal is to increase awareness of golf for the blind and visually impaired in the United States through hosting tournaments and growing the sport by introducing youth to the game.


Associate Members

Blind Golf Germany logoGermany [GER]

Blind Golf Germany

Blind Golf Israel logoIsrael [ISR]

Blind Golf Israel

Blind Golf Mexico logoMexico [MEX]

Blind Golf Mexico

Blind Golf Netherlands logoNetherlands [NED]

Blind Golf Netherlands


International Blind Golf Association

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